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Each semester, our process begins with admissions. Fall applications close at the beginning of September & Spring applications close at the beginning of February.


Once admitted, students enter our eight-week fellowship where they come to understand & pursue social entrepreneurship through workshops, mentorship, & more.


Give Them Good Tools

Our fellows are both empowered and enabled to pursue social entrepreneurship through proprietary SELL curriculum and resources.


Find Them Friends

Fellows receive lifetime membership to a community of changemakers that continuously support one another in the pursuit of social impact.


Our Goal: Explained

SELL builds upon good people to create changemakers.

Good people are people who are passionate about their communities. They want to do something about the systemic problems that our world faces, but might not know the right way to do it.

Changemakers are those whom have created positive social impact for their community. Anyone can be a changemaker, but each one depends on teams of good people to help them do the right thing. They need a fellowship.


Our Philosophy

We believe the following are essential to enact positive social impact.


For social enterprises, everything is based on people first. The only way to effectively serve people is through an empathy-centric mindset.


The road of the social entrepreneur is riddled with obstacles. Fellows topple roadblocks with speed and tenacity, the ingredients of hustle.


Fellows are people who prioritize working together with their community to create magnified impact. An inclusive, open-minded community of changemakers is key to enacting positive social change.


This is the why behind everything. Thinking in terms of what creates the greatest social impact first is the underpinning of every action SELL Fellows and Board Members take.

The SELL Executive Board

Danish Tharvani
Celesia Smith
Yasmine Young