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The Beginning of Your
Journey in Impact

The SELL Ideator Fellowship is an 8-week program designed to teach students about social entrepreneurship and guide them through the social impact research and ideation processes.

SELL Fellow Candidates in the Ideator research and ideate for a wide array of social challenges, the majority of which fit into one or more of the verticals below.

Climate & Environment

Economic Inequality

Urban Infrastructure

Medicine & Healthcare

Education & Literacy

Justice & Human Rights

A Starting Point

Whether you want to become a full-blown entrepreneur or simply apply the SELL impact-first mindset to your life, this could be the beginning of an incredible & fulfilling journey in social impact.

Centered on Research

We firmly believe that to build an idea that solves a social challenge, one must seek to deeply understand the challenge itself. As such, the Ideator emphasizes research as a means by which to ideate.

Open to All

An idea, startup experience, or business background is not necessary to apply. SELL is a diverse & interdisciplinary organization– candidates need only bring themselves & their passions.

Spring'23 Applications Will Open January 9th

Curated Curriculum

Ideator workshop sessions are twice per week for two hours each. In these sessions, SELL curriculum surrounding social entrepreneurship, impact research, and ideation is taught.

Social Entrepreneurship Experience

From conducting research into a social challenge to eventually pitching an idea at SELL Your Story Idea Conference, Fellow Candidates have the opportunity to grow roots in the social entrepreneurship space.

Lifetime Friendships

Each Ideator cohort is one unique aspect of the larger SELL family. From attending workshops together to grabbing coffee to even living together, the relationships that Fellow Candidates form in the Ideator are unmatched.

SELL Your Story: Idea

At the end of each semester, SELL hosts an idea conference to showcase the work that Fellow Candidates have completed over the course of the semester.

This conference, SELL Your Story (SYS) is an opportunity for SELL fellows to showcase their research and idea after completing the 8-week Ideator Fellowship.


Being a part of the SELL fellowship has allowed me to build my entrepreneurship skills in such a supportive environment. The program inspired me to deepen my knowledge of social impact, and provided me with wonderful mentors to help me along the way. What really makes this organization special though is the people. I loved getting to know all of the board members and my cohort (my little SELL family)!

Ekaterina Raleigh

I absolutely love SELL —it’s a very close community and it has taught me a lot about how I can translate my interests into actions that can benefit my community.

Aditya Namjoshi

Finding SELL three years ago when I was still in high school and getting in as a freshman validated my passion for social impact while broadening my imagination of what was possible. As I am currently building out the first version of the idea I developed as a Fellow, I am continuing to use the knowledge I gained in the Ideator Fellowship, Incubator Fellowship, and as a SELL Board member. The community I found at SELL has provided friendship and support beyond what I could imagine-even beyond the campus!

Eri-Ife Adepoju

My decision to join SELL my freshman year has been the most formative decision I've made in college. SELL has helped me grow in every way imaginable - it helped me forge a meaningful career path, strengthened my confidence, grew my passion for & knowledge of social impact, developed my leadership skills, and introduced me to some of my best friends, mentors, and even roommates. There is no community on campus more empowering than SELL, and I truly think the lessons I learned during the fellowship will help me leave this world better than how I found it.

Rachel Schlesinger

SELL has been an incredible place to learn and grow in the social impact space during my time at UT. Throughout the Ideator and Incubator fellowships, I was blessed to be surrounded by a group of passionate and diverse individuals driven to create real change. Their passion has inspired me even further to make a commitment to a lifetime of inciting social change in the world around me. I cannot speak highly enough of the SELL community, and I have cherished the opportunity to continue to contribute as a Senior Fellow and mentor to the following generations of changemakers.

Chris Roper

The people i’ve met through SELL are the friends that have had the greatest impact on me, just like everything else about SELL. My Ideator semester made me challenge many of my own assumptions and approach each social issue with an intense focus on other’s needs rather than my own ideas. the guiding values of empathy and selflessness are the foundation of sell and what makes it a place where everybody truly feels welcome. I'm proud to be a leader in SELL now and am constantly inspired by each new wave of fellows so passionate about making a difference—I can’t wait to see where we all go as we lead with impact and kindness!

Arushi Mathavan

The Ideator Team

From curating curriculum to handling the logistics of each workshop and fellowship event, the Ideator Fellowship wouldn't be possible without this team.

Nhi Pham
Adithi Rao
Malvika Manoj
Dia Jain
Advika Rajesh