Fellow Testimonial

Dana Pierce, Junior Fellow
Healthcare Vertical, Mental Health

Why did you decide to join SELL?

“Prior to entering the SELL fellowship, I knew that I was passionate about using business to make the world a better place, but I just didn’t know how.  I came to UT Austin in hopes of learning how to make an effective positive impact on the world around me. I found that and more through SELL.”

What did you learn from SELL?

“I learned how to create impactful, empowering, sustainable change that addresses the root cause of social issues. I found out that there were more productive and effective ways to create social change that I had never thought of. SELL completely revamped my outlook on social entrepreneurship, and taught me more than I ever hoped of learning.”

What do you want to tell people applying to become Fellows?

“I had never had the support of an entire group of people, much less an entire organization, who wanted to do the same thing as me: help improve the world! Having 20-plus other people in the same room as me, striving for similar goals and experiencing the same passion was inspiring. Being able to bounce ideas off other people who “get it”, and work together to improve everyone’s ideas as a whole was an environment I had never experienced. SELL changed my life, and it will continue to prepare me to change other people’s lives.”

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Requirements to Join

The SELL Fellowship program is currently only open to students at The University of Texas at Austin. Students from any college or major are encouraged to apply!

Expectations of Fellows

SELL Fellows will spend 10 hours/week, consisting of Workshop Sessions, Mentorship Sessions, and estimated time spent outside of SELL.

Takeaways for Fellows

SELL Fellows join a fun, collaborative, and passionate community of students on campus. Fellows will learn and apply content from a comprehensive curriculum. Fellows will also have the opportunity to engage in numerous mentorship sessions to ensure success.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need an idea to join?

Applicants do not need to have an idea upon joining the fellowship. The fellowship will guide students through the entire social entrepreneurial process, including the ideation stage.

Do I need a social issue?

It is strongly recommended that you determine one social issue that you care the most about. This will allow you to save time in the “Identifying your Passion” stage and keep you on track with the curriculum.

In the case that you find it difficult to select one social issue to work on, the first week of the fellowship will serve to help you with selecting a social issue to pursue.

Do I have to launch by the end of the semester?

Fellows are not required nor expected to launch a company by the end of the first semester within the fellowship. Fellows are expected to have a well thought out idea addressing their respective social issue, as well as a business plan. In fact, the goal of the second semester of the fellowship is to launch a company.