Get a social entrepreneur's essential toolkit with core topics to make your own social enterprise.

Because students will come from diverse backgrounds, the SELL Fellowship will introduce Core Topics on various topics important to social entrepreneurship. Many of the following will be condensed into a single Speaker Seminar or Workshop Activity. Preliminary Core Topics are currently pending depending on our VIP Speaker series.

Core Topics

See what topics will be covered over the course of the SELL Fellowship Program.

Social Entrepreneurship Basics

What is social entrepreneurship? What do entrepreneurs do to become entrepreneurs? How social enterprises operate differently?

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Revenue and Business Models

What are good social revenue models? Understanding why social business models work?

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Team and Operations Growth

How to get a co-founder and a good team? How to pitch and make people care? Why and how do you scale an operation?

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Finding an Issue to Solve

Finding a problem worth solving and understanding it well? How to find and leverage a community? How to measure success/impact and outcome priorities?

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Why networking and mentor speed dating? How VC and investing works for social enterprises? How to communicate with investors and stakeholders?

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Adapting to Changing Markets

When, why and how should you pivot? What happens when social enterprises fail?

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