The Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab, or SELL Program, is an interdisciplinary organization for college students at UT Austin who want to create meaningful social ventures for their community.

All members of SELL are united in an ambitious vision to reimagine social entrepreneurship in our lives as possible and commonplace as most consider philanthropy or volunteerism to be.

SELL's Mission

SELL aims to pioneer a different way of creating changemakers through nurturing a passion for social entrepreneurship, learning by experience, and building community.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is different between SELL and the Fellowship

The Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab offers several programs to UT Austin students including the Fellowship Program, Changemaker Fireside Chats, SELL Your Impact, and SELL Your Story. Each provides unique value and a different experience. Learn more under our programs.

When was the SELL Program founded?

The Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab was founded in 2017 as a partnership with the UT Austin Student Government and McCombs Social Innovation Initiative to provide a unique social entrepreneurial experience to UT students.

Who is SELL here to support?

SELL was originally established as a primary resource for UT Austin students interested in social entrepreneurship. Since then, SELL is expanding to serve Austin’s community members, local nonprofits, and other campuses.

Where is the SELL Program located?

SELL events and programs are conducted in a variety of locations, primarily in UT Austin campus sites. Mail for the SELL Fellowship can be sent to the Student Government office in the Student Activities Center on-campus. More details can be found in the events calendar and individual program pages.

Why does SELL exist in the first place?

Among forms of social impact, social enterprise exists as one of the most promising and tactical opportunities to scale social change. Unfortunately, students at both UT and across the nation have been ill-equipped to tackle social challenges this way due to a lack of social enterprise educational opportunities. SELL is creating a better way to help students become the changemakers they’ve always wanted to be.

How do I join the SELL Leadership Team?

SELL Board Members are accepted from graduated fellows that have completed a full year with the fellowship program. If you are instead interested in working in a temporary capacity, you can contact SELL at

The SELL Team


Mohamed Abouelnaaj

Curriculum & Research


Rustin Rassoli

Technology & Operations


Monique Amado

Fellowship & Operations


Danish Tharvani

Director & Curriculum


Sam Lin

Outreach & Curriculum


Arvind Ramachandra

Fellowship & Research


Jordan Weatherl

Fellowship & Workshops


Alison Ryu

Publicity & Operations